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CLINK! users and merchant partners

CLINK! users are sending a gift -

suggesting something special that will delight the recipient and communicate that the sender is thinking of them and "with them” in spirit. When the sender finds a gift offer that they like and matches their recipient’s tastes then they add it to their CLINK!. For senders and receivers, it’s the emotional connection that matters.For a merchant, it’s reaching your target market of new, and existing customers. Depending on the type of merchant content you provide, a variety of objectives can be met from brand recognition to in-location sales. A CLINK! sender may be buying for a recipient in another city, state, or even country, so depending on your goals you can extend your reach beyond your local customer base.

Are you a NON-PROFIT?

CLINK! is a fundraising tool that connects your members and their network to your organization, extending your reach and raising awareness for your mission and programs; and raising funds through donations and other packages.

How is my company listed in the app and how else can I advertise?

In addition to your partner page and your specific gift promotion that is displayed in the app (see the following screen samples), you can advertise onCLINK!'s home screen, create unique filters and there are white label opportunities. We can also create a unique campaign designed just for your brand.

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