Download the CLINK!Gift App

Go to the App Store to download the CLINK!Gift App.

Create a CLINK!

Take a photo and customize it with filters and text to create a unique and personal message.

Sync Your Contacts

Sync your phone contacts and send a CLINK! to anyone using their email or phone number*.

*Standard text messaging rates may apply.

Add a Gift Value

Add a dollar value to your CLINK!. The recipient can redeem the gift value with a merchant, or cash out to a preferred account: credit card, debit card or bank account.

Add a Redeem Partner (Optional)

Select from a list of connected Redeem Partners that can accept a CLINK! directly at their location. The recipient can pay for goods or services with their CLINK!.

Or, browse a list of our favorite gift ideas and suggest one to the recipient.

Redeem a CLINK! Gift

When you receive a CLINK! — tap the Redeem banner, confirm total amount to spend and present to a pre-approved Redeem Partner. Prefer to spend the money somewhere else? Cash out to a preferred account that you will set up within the application. You decide how to ENJOY your CLINK!Gift.